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Silence of Being ~ Heart Awake

With great joy, we invite you to a SILENT RETREAT of deep listening and authentic expression of our being.

1,2,3 of March 2024
Friday from 6pm to Sunday 6pm

We will enter into a sacred space of silence and creativity, going back to the inner source, opening the heart to listen deep to our truth and inner guidance.

Join and experience the silence with presence, being in the serenity of nature at the top of a hill in a 3 days gathering retreat.

Our invitation is to nourish the body, mind and soul, slowing down, expanding and nourishing deeper connections, finding what is really alive in us, what really matters. In times when there is so much information overloading, we invite you to let go of the excess, to detox from electronics, talks, thoughts, emotions and food that is creating toxins and damaging our system.


We will create a beautiful and loving container to relate in an organic and symbiotic way with other beings (humans, plants, minerals, animals, guides... ).

Some powerful and useful tools for our daily life will be shared:

- Meditation

- Yoga
- Emotional Deep Listening
- Vibrational Breath Work and Voice
- Authentic Communication
- Dance, Movement, Body Awareness
- Contact Improvisation
- Intuitive Practices

- Oracle Dance
- Telepathic Dances
- Body Work
- Creative expression with drawings and clay
- Nourishing rituals
- Circles of awareness
- Guided silent nature walks

Soul-nourishing mindful
Free time
Swimming Pool

- Evening restorative sleep,
- Symbiotic relating, -Nourishing meals and plenty of free time for rest, renewal and recalibration.

The space:

The retreat will happen in this beautiful and silent quinta located on the top of a small village in the Sintra area, surrounded by a natural park.

You can share rooms or can have your own private room.

Contact us for more details.

Who are we


Sliding scale from 290 to 440e

What is included:
The price includes all the practices, food and sleeping in shared or individual rooms.

we suggest a sliding scale price, from 290euros to 440euros, you can choose which price resonate with your heart and actual financial 


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You are very welcome and your presence

makes a difference. 

Come to witness what life has to unfold for you.


with love,

Nicole and NoAn

For more information and registration:

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